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I tried creating a preferences package for Adobe CC that has page / default colour / margin and lots more. The problem is that while taking snapshot using Composer, I try to launch Extension manager and enter the admin credentials, I expect composer to take the snapshot and do not let Extension Manager ask for credentials when deployed in the org, but it still asks for credentials. I create the package using AAMEE and then deploy the snapshot pkg taken by composer. Everything works except admin credentials in ext manager.
Does someone know which file should it be that needs to be modified for this? or any article online that can be of some help?
Thank you!


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You may be better off scripting your extensions:

or desired changes, photoshop for example:

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When Adobe Ex Manager was launched, it was creating a new folder inside /Library/Application Support/Adobe/InDesign/Version 9/en_GB in the name of REMOVED_CC and moved all the extensions there. I had to script this change as soon as post install script and it worked well.