Crowdstrike Unsupervised iOS profile

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Hey everyone,

Has anyone been able to successfully deploy Crowdstrike falcon on an unsupervised iOS? I'm able to get supervised deployments to work. FWIW, their official documentation states that unsupervised deployments are fully supported on InTune, Airwatch, and MobileIron.

My suspicion is that my problem stems from an incorrect VPN profile. Their documentation specifies to use 'App-Proxy' for Provider Type, but when I save it, Jamf automatically switches it to 'Packet-Tunnel'. Is this an expected behavior? Any help would be super appreciated.


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I want to know this too!
it would lead to WAY more users which would equal $$$ for jamf

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According to Jamf Support, this is a bug that needs to be fixed. No ETA on the fix. Deploying CS in unsupervised devices works on Workspace One however... x.x