cURL from Jamf Pro server?


Greetings all,

If I wanted (and I do) to be able to cURL a file down from the Packages directory (or anywhere else I can stash something to be honest) on our Jamf Pro server, what would be the path to get there? Here's what I'm trying to accomplish: We have a bunch of machines that we are using a technique described in another post here to upgrade in place to Mojave (so that we can get the eraseinstall functionality) by ARDing a script to them, and then doing a nuke and pave to get them fully into DEP and Jamf. Right now, I'm cURLing the Mojave installer from a rogue NAS server, which doesn't make for a real robust workflow when explaining it to the bosses. We got rid of most of our local mass storage and are relying on Google Drive for almost everything for end users, and the documentation I am finding for cURLing from that is a bit of a mess (like most of it says that functionality is deprecated).

So, any thoughts? The existing lab machines are all available through ARD, but are not yet in DEP and Jamf (which is what this whole process is supposed to accomplish).


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As I recall, there are repair scripts that curl down the jamf binary from JSS, maybe you could try putting other files into that folder?

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Apache is free, and you can sync distribution points and toss the data into an Apache docs folder and curl them from there. I don't really agree with this type of workflows, but it is very easy to accomplish.

Or you can just pony up for an S3 bucket (which isn't really that expensive) and have a cloud DP, and if you are online you can hit it.

The main thing with this is, you will have to secure it. Otherwise you are leaving it open for a potential hacker to inject a malicious package that you will be blindly calling via curl and I assume passing to the installer binary to install it, as root if jamf runs the flow as well

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If you have ARD already and it sounds an one-off solution to a bunch of Macs until you get Jamf in place you could use ARD itself to copy the package and make it part of you solution. 8f58ae7577ae4544858fb56634f1fa58