Curl policy logs

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Hi All,

Does anyone know how to curl the policy logs? I know it can be found in computer history but I want to pull the actual policy logs from the policy itself.

Currently there is no published API end point for this but has anyone managed to find out how to get this page?



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@perryd84 Given the lack of an API endpoint that can provide the policy logs your simplest option to extract them would be by running a MySQL query on your JSS database. That would require you're running an on-prem JSS (if you're a Jamf Premium Cloud customer you can request a copy of your database, but that is something handled on demand as opposed to being something you can have automatically provided) and you'd want to ask Jamf Support for the appropriate query.

Thanks for the idea thats something to consider for sure I hadn't thought of pulling the info from the database.

Would ideally like to pull the info live from JAMF using an API call but this could be a solution to test.