Hello Client Credentials, Goodbye Basic Auth!

Contributor II
Contributor II
Hello Jamf Nation!
As many of you may have noticed, Jamf Pro version 10.49 introduced a new authentication mechanism for interacting with the Jamf Pro and Classic APIs. We're excited to provide a more modern and secure solution for API interactions! Documentation on the API Roles and Clients feature can be found here with sample code and additional details on the Jamf Developer Portal.
In January of 2022, coinciding with the 10.35 release of Jamf Pro, we announced the deprecation of basic authentication for the Classic API. We originally planned to remove support for basic authentication by the end of 2022, but community feedback indicated that bearer token authentication was not a sufficient replacement for all consumers of the API. With two authentication mechanisms now available for both the Classic and Jamf Pro APIs, it's finally time for us to say farewell to basic auth. Removal of support for basic authentication with the Classic API is planned for March 31st of 2024.
We strongly recommend that anyone not currently using basic auth, disable the feature prior to the removal in March of 2024. Additional details on how to disable basic auth can be found here. If you have any questions or require assistance, please reach out to Jamf Support.

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Contributor III

@SamF , as Bearer Token auth relies on submitting basic auth credentials at least once in the process (get the bearer token): does this mean that bearer token auth is also being deprecated or is it really only the "pure" basic auth?

Great question! Basic auth to obtain a bearer token via the /v1/auth/token endpoint in the Jamf Pro API is not being removed. The scope of change for removal of basic auth is limited to the Classic API.

An easy way to identify whether you're using the Classic API or Jamf Pro API is to look at the base path of your URI. If it includes "JSSResource", you're using the Classic API and these changes impact you. If it includes "api" or "uapi" (uapi has been deprecated), you're using the Jamf Pro API and the changes to basic auth do not impact you.