Custom inventory collection (recon) Frequency?

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Is there any way to set a custom Mac Recon frequency, such as every ~36 or ~48 hours? The Policy UI doesn't have granular option for anything other than Daily/Weekly/Monthly etc.

I see (3) hard-coded options in the JSS for Mobiles Device Recon (Daily/Weekly/Monthly), but not for Macs.

Anyone out there have a Recon job that runs more often than Weekly, but less often than Daily?


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You would have to write a script that runs at every check in, which does some math to determine how much time has elapsed since the last recon. Then run “jamf recon” if the criteria are met. Your math may require touching a flag file on the computer and checking its date modified at every script run. When it’s time to run the recon, you have to touch the file again to reset the modified time stamp.

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you can make a launchdaemon that runs a jamf recon at whatever interval you want. Or set a daily inventory and switch off every other day in the run options.

I did something along these lines once and gave it all up in the end as there are so many other times that require an inventory it gets all muddled up.