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Not sure if this is already a feature but I have been unable to find any info on it.

We would like to display the Jamf Pro dashboard on a TV in our office, is there a URL that does not require a login to simply view the dashboard? Or is there a way to setup a service account to have read only access to the dashboard and not have it auto logout?

Any advice is appreciated.


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I'd LOVE to see this as a feature request, FWIW.

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Jap, this is one feature i would love to see in the future!
So please JAMF, other developers has integrated a dashboard too. This is available for every User without any Service Account and i'm pretty sure that you guys at JAMF could do this alike.

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Hi guys,

Is there any update on this idea?
I think there was another post where it's explained how to export the data and create your own dashboard so you can show the new dashboard on a TV.

I'm looking for trying to do this as well.

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Same! would be a great feature to have... 👍🏻

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We simply do it outside of JAMF. The tools we use is powershell to get data from JAMF API and send it to Graphite. With Graphite metrics we build a nice dashboard using Grafana showing on our 55" TV. 0e9022b69a2645948491b02768bb1e78

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@linuslarsson I am curious exactly what parameters you used. I am now utilizing Grafana and would love to demo this out for a Grafana use case here at work.

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@linuslarsson can you please share the source code?


@linuslarsson Can you share you Powershell code?

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@linuslarsson Please share your code 👏

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There is also a PowerBI data source option as well now to get the data. Check out this blog series.