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Was wondering if there's any other current solutions for Migrating data from one machine to another in a Corporate/Enterprise environment. Basically, trying to move away from Tech's manually doing the work and have a programmed solution that does it for you.

Something besides the native Migration Assistant and Time Machine Backups. All our machines are FileVault 2 Encrypted.

Thank you


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@dmaestre Take a look at Code42. It can be used for backup and data migration.

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Chronosync is another one, backups run over the network to a secure server, vice versa.

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@sdagley Thank you. Unfortunately, CrashPlan eats up too much bandwidth and bogs down our network. We're trying to move away from that specifically when having to do alot of data migrations to new machines.

@Hugonaut I'll definitely look into Chronosync as well.

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@dmaestre I'm also a fan of ChronoSync, and use it along with ChronoAgent to keep multiple Macs in sync. If your issue with Code42 bandwidth is pushing data to the cloud, and having traffic to on-prem servers isn't an issue you might find having ChronoAgent on your client machines and having ChronoSync on a server pulling data from them a workable solution.

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I think you can customize migration assistant... or just script it.. there has to one some place around here or in git hub to "steal"


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I use a modified version of the script in this post...

One script to backup the users' data and another to restore it on a new system.