defaults write firefox

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Hello, Looking over this page it says you can use the defaults command to deploy settings to firefox. I created the script below but keep getting a "no such file or directory" (see attached) error when deploying through Jamf. When I run locally it seems to work fine. I use this same exact format for Chrome to deploy settings and that works great. Any ideas?

curUser=`ls -l /dev/console | cut -d " " -f 4`
sudo -u $curUser defaults write org.mozilla.firefox Certificates__ImportEnterpriseRoots -bool true



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I strongly recommend using a Configuration Profile instead. It works quite well with all current versions of Firefox.

Even though the project has been abandoned, I still recommend using ProfileCreator ( to create your profile, then upload it to Jamf Pro.

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Are you pushing this to a Catalina OS? With Catalina, Apple is no longer supporting "On Startup" as a trigger. This is the same message I got when my "on startup" policies started to fail.