Delay profile installation specifically on iPad using a trigger

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We have run into an issue with one of our profiles disabling communication to internal services, JAMF Pro and/or Apple for app downloads prior to completing initial enrollment for enterprise network policies.

Is there a way to delay or stall a single configuration profile from installing until after a specified trigger (time idle, last app to download, rename, next restart etc.) for an iPad? 

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You could make a smart group for devices enrolled greater than 1 day ago (or whatever works) and target the config profile at that group instead of at all devices. This way the config profile wont drop until the next day. I'd also make sure this configuration profile is not in your prestage. 

Thanks! We were actually thinking the same thing might work as a workaround, but seems odd that the Mac side can have triggers and delays for some things, but mobile side has none, except through SG as mentioned. 

This might work for now, hopefully. Thanks!