Deleting Stale computer invitations

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I've noticed that when I pull up!/computerinvitations/findComputerInvitations_get

I get a giant list of invitation codes. Some of them never expire.


I figured out that I can use the API to delete them.

curl -sfku <user>:<pass> "<id to delete> -X DELETE"

I understand that most of these codes expire after a single use but some are from quickadd packages created years ago. The binary in the package may be outdated but the code will still work. In my mind I think it would be good to delete all old quickadd inivations when you create a new quickadd package.

I guess I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this and if there is any other way to handle these stale invitations.


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This issue very recently came up in my org after it was discovered some folks were still using a very old QuickAdd package. I'm wondering if there are any best practices around identifying/deleting old QuickAdd package invitations created via Recon vs QuickAdd invitations created by /enroll. I have over 5000 "unlimited" invitations. I know I didn't create that many QuickAdds...