Can I share a VPP token between 2 JSS's?


All our Mac's are on one JSS and all our iPads are on a second JSS. We use VPP, but so far only have distributed apps on the iOS side. A Mac app was just purchased, and after scoping it to the Mac in question, the install fails, and Self service gives an error"self service has failed. Relaunch and try again". Vpp says on the ios side "The service token may be in use by another server. The service token can be reclaimed below for this JSS"

Any suggestions for making this VPP work between the two JSS'? Or any other solutions to make software install work?


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An easy one that I know works is if you have Apple School Manager (if you are a school) set up to create managed Apple IDs. Then create and set that Apple ID to have managed app purchase rights. Purchase any apps you need on that Apple ID and upload the VPP token to your second JSS. Don't know of other ways if you're not a school. Sorry.


We are a school, but ASM isn't a possibility yet.. We need Apple to work with PowerSchool Before we can roll out ASM. Thanks for the idea though!

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@EddieDDUB What you are describing is to create another VPP Admin/Facilitator. This can be done by non-schools as well the 'old way'.

@tdilossi Have you done the ASM conversion? You can't share the VPP token so you need to create another VPP account as described. You would purchase apps (in this case Mac apps) with that new account in the VPP Education portal, not in ASM.

chris :)