DEP & Proxy Settings

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In order to have any external connectivity, my devices require an explicit proxy setting for outbound traffic.

How can this be addressed as part of the setup? In any previous deployment - I've never had to worry about a proxy setting.

Since I'm still in the manually managed phase - after the network user logs in - I take them to Advanced Network settings and enter the proxy FQDN - the user then enters their network credentials.

How would one address this as part of the setup? I can't think of any easy way to streamline it


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Be sure to check out:

The traffic is a secured, binary protocol specific to APNs, and it can’t go through a proxy. Attempts to inspect the traffic or reroute it result in the client, APNs, and the push provider servers marking the network conversation as compromised and invalid.

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I apologize - I failed to indicate I was referring to a client system - their MacBook Pro

  • it was my understanding that this was from the - server - that couldn't be behind a proxy.. We've resolved that issue I hadn't run into anyone from my Apple field engineering indicating this would be an issue from - the client systems -

Am I wrong??