DEP Workflow at End of Year / when a user leaves


Got a quick question for what people have worked well in their environments.

The iPads are now in DEP for the first time and everything is working fine, but im wondering what the best way of wiping the device and getting it ready for the next user is.

  1. Wipe iPad ( device is still in JAMF)
  2. Wipe and Delete using JAMF

It seems if i just wipe the iPad, then JSS will assign the ipad the old name and some of the settings. so i guess i need to remove from JAMF when i have to change user and it gets wiped before giving to new person

Once the device is setup and in JSS then all the ipad's names are 'iPad' i guess i will have to manually change them to their usernames or get them to do it.

does this sound correct to people



So i wiped the device from JAMF and then re-enrolled the device using a different user but the iPad kept the old users details even though under Settings > Global Management > Re-enrollment
everything is set to remove the details regarding users.

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We use Configurator and Prepare the iPad when it is returned to us. When the iPad is "Prepared" it will ask if you want to erase (and we erase), which puts it back in default. Then the Jamf configurations for the iPad kick in.

We have many apps set to install by default based on Department, Room, and Smart Groups.

I have a FileMaker database which will mass update iPad Names, Departments, Sites, Rooms, Usernames, etc via Jamf API (quicker than the JSS MUT since the FileMaker database will update multiple fields at once).

So… I don't care if the iPad keeps its name or goes back to iPad (ours keeps its name), since I can change them easily enough, along with the other fields we care about.