Sane way of keeping apps up to date?

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We have over 1,200+ apps in our VPP available to our staff and students, some of the apps are important to keep up to date (ie Schoology).

When I do a "Search Inventory" on Mobile Device Applications and search for Schoology, I see 14 versions of Schoology are installed on our iPads in our district. Problem is we need everyone to have the latest version and it is very difficult to figure out what version is actually installed.

On the iPad, open > General > iPad Storage (really, iPad Storage???) > application (ie Schoology) > version number shown under application title (in my case 4.3.0).

So then I go to my JAMF JSS. What do I find??? Jamf tells me I am running version 38? How is that helpful?

So, how do I go about making everyone on the same version without crashing our server? Is there any hope?


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Jamf has you covered on this. Look under Settings > Mobile Device Management > App Maintenance. When turned on, the JSS will check the App Store once a day for updates to Apps. If an update is found, it'll update the app in your catalog and send an MDM command to iOS devices telling them to install the update.