Deploy Printer with Document Finishing features?

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I am looking into deploying Printers With Jamf Pro, I can Get the PPD file uploaded and deployed but cant find how to enable 3 hole and staple features? I can go in and manually enable the document finisher and punch unit but would like to push it all out with jamf.
(Printer is a taSKalfa 7002i)


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I open the printer in CUPS, change the default options, save it, then upload the mapping with Jamf Admin.

After installing the printer on your Mac, Open a browser and type "Localhost:631". Click on printers. if you get this:

Web Interface is Disabled
The web interface is currently disabled. Run “cupsctl WebInterface=yes” to enable it. Just paste the command in Terminal and refresh the browser. Click on Printers>Administration>Set Default Options>Finishing. Make your changes, then the Set Default Options button at the bottom.

Upload with Jamf Admin and build your policy.

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How do you upload with Jamf Admin the cups config? I was able to get this to work with minolta c568 but not c550i. This is the part of the script that is failing. I do not know exatly how to type the correct syntax to configure the correct cups config.


lpadmin -p CS TEST -E -o PaperSources=PC417 -o Finisher=FS533 -o KMPunchUnit=PK519-23