Deploying apps without icloud password

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Here's my problem, we supervise every of our iphones, and i have set up some app to be push on the iphone whenever there's an active itune account. Problem; as soon as I finish connecting the account (of the future user, which having to do this is a problem too) onto the app i get spammed to enter the password so it can download these apps, cause by default is it not set up to download free apps without password.

We're not under DEP and this is becoming a real pain to manage iphones, it doesn't look like you can do much with jamf and mobile devices to ease the setup of primary apps and such if you're not under DEP.

Is there any way to actually deploy apps without having to go through all theses steps ? because at this point, pushing apps with jamf only saves me the few types i have to make to search them in the app store.


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This is only going to get harder for you without having access to either Apple School Manager or Business Manager (if you are commercial). Given that you are talking about VPP, I need to ask...are you using VPP licenses to deploy your apps with...if so you should still be able to do device assignment in Jamf Pro....if not, you will always need some sort of account to get the apps from the store onto an iOS device.