Deploying XQuartz

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I was wondering if anyone deploys XQuartz and how they deploy this within their environment? I initially added the pkg straight to Casper Admin, created a self service policy and provided it to machines that required it. This works fine although in /Applications/Utilities still exists parallel with XQuartz.ap

When users open up certain apps (MacPyMol) which relies on Xquartz, it prompts the user that they need to install X11 and then proceeds to take the user to the Apple KB page on where to find the installer.

Is it possible to disable this prompt?




My recollection is that installing XQuartz has replaced the I recall that this can be confusing if you normally launch X11 via a search mechanism, like Spotlight or an app launcher.

Have you tried launching XQuartz first, before the app (MacPyMol), after the XQuartz install?

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This is also how i deliver XQuartz. The native XQuartz.pkg should remove It does for me anyway.

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We install XQuartz as part of our setup and we also use MacPyMOL. It sounds like your install of XQuartz is failing somewhere. What happens if you install XQuartz manually on the machine that is failing?