Device Based App Updates not hitting Caching Server?

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Anyone seeing their Device Based App Updates not hitting their Caching Server?

If by chance ours is, not very many of our clients are utilizing it. A majority of them go out over our internet connection.


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@smurphyusd346 mutliple VLANS? Are some devices getting a different NAT IP?

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I may be experiencing this, not 100% sure though. We're doing a phased upgrade for iOS and all the Apple apps by updating one at a time over the course of several days. I kick the process off at the end of the day to avoid bogging down our public connection. I'm seeing maybe 40% of my update traffic hit the caching servers and the rest is going out the Internet. I'm not sure on the exact percentage since all 1.2 Gbps of my Internet pipe gets chewed up in the process.

We use 4 public IP addresses for our network and all 8 caching servers are configured to server all internal clients. They see each other and all of the settings look correct. Two of the public IPs are the starting and ending addresses of the range, so I'm kind of wondering if the setting isn't inclusive? I'm waiting to hear back from the Apple engineer we have assigned to our account.

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I am experiencing the same.

After 2 weeks of troubleshooting with Apple, I was finally told that it is a know issue with VPP Apps and iOS 10 updates. Their are working on it.

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I just got word form Apple that there is a fix for the Caching issue on the Beta iOS 10.2.

Apple sure is working slow with this issues as I reported back with iOS 9.3

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Same problem here,

have the Caching Server on verbose logging...
Nothing hits the server if I push managed apps via MDM. The iPad does not even bother asking the caching server for anything. If I go through the apple store though it works fine (but no managed apps then)

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Log bug reports with Apple.

Although, I understand this is being fixed in iOS 10.2.