Device Enrollment Notifications (DEP) - Anyone have any ideas how to stop the nagging on a clients computer

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Just curious if anyone has run into the Device Enrollment Notification Nagging and how to stop the nagging on a clients computer? We only recently started to add computers into the Apple DEP program and we have not setup the prestage enrollment. I tried moving the computers on from seeing my companies assigned MDM to unassigned thinking that would stop the nagging however now users are getting device enrollment failures. Any suggestion would be helpful other then setting up a prestage since my company is not at a point where we can enable this functionality globally.



Are you using Casper Imaging?

How are you enrolling your machines?

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In my experience, you have two ways to resolve this if the device was assigned to DEP after a previous enrollment:

  1. Re-enroll the computer. This may require removing the framework first if the MDM Profile is locked.
  2. Unassign from MDM server on, delete .AppleSetupDone file from the computer, re-run Apple Setup Assistant / Buddy.

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We are using casper imaging to imagine/enroll computers into Jamf Pro Cloud.