Device List based on a Smart users group

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We have a group of students that travel to external school.  We have a Smart User group that shows all these students.  I have scooped this smart user group to a profile to create a wifi on their device to connect to the external school's WIFI.(turning off private MAC as well) 

I would like to send a list of the MAC addresses to the external school.  

I can't figure out how to easily get a list of the devices and the WIFI MAC of those devices


JAMF Pro 10.49

All devices are mobile devices iPads with latest iOS 16.5+

Total devices 2500+

Total users 3000+

Users in Smart users group to be targeted  30

Any ideas or information on how to tackle this would be appreciated.



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You should be able to update what fields show when you export a report. Try going to Settings > Devices > Inventory Display and checking Wi-Fi MAC Address. Then export your group and see if the MAC Addresses are there. You could also make a Smart Search and check the box to display Wi-Fi MAC Address, and use that to export instead or view in the JAMF Console.

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I am looking to build a search for it.  I can build a group with membership of a device group.  I was thinking that I would just use the criteria that I would list any device that any member of the smart user group is a part of.  But that is not even in the Advanced Criteria.  You can pick from a smart mobile group but not a smart user group.

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Here is a round about way to do what I needed with a lot of manual work.

Since I created a profile that targeted the smart user group.  I can see the profile and view the logs and get a list of Completed and pending.  Since at our location each mobile device has a unique name (asset#) I can copy/paste the list to an external location (text editor)

I can create a Static device group which contains the devices that were targeted by the smart user group.  Yes a lot of manual picking of 30 devices from the 2500+ devices list (search is helpful).  Once I save the device group I can then save the list and print a report easily to gather the data easily.  So I would have to go through this process every time classes changed or someone new joined or left.


I would like to have an option to create a search based on if the device belongs to one of the members of the Smart users group.  Which would make this So much easier.