Device Tracking

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The question I have is there a way to track devices that are in my JSS when they leave the network? Example: the user takes their MacBook or iOS home or to another state and it gets stolen. I would like to pinpoint its location using my JSS, and not a third party software if I can help it.

Does anyone have any suggestion or guidance? Thanks


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Depends. For example, if an Wi-Fi only iPad is locked with a passcode, the thief won't be able to unlock it, and as such, not be able to connect to any Wi-Fi networks. As such, it won't be able to transmit location back to JSS.

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Hi, it is possible to track a stolen or missing MacBook or IOS by using iCloud. So if you set up and enabled iCloud back when you first started your Macbook, you can use it to track your MacBook. iCloud provides its own integrated anti-theft tool that help you track your Apple devices, trigger an alarm sound, lock your device or erase all personal data.

To get started, go to the iCloud website and log in with your Apple ID.

Should you be able to get the exact location of your laptop using iCloud or an IP address? And you have no idea who’s sitting in front of it. Contact local authorities and let them check out the address or tell them to get a warrant to get the physical location from the thief’s ISP.

I think this is best way for tracking a stolen MacBook device.