Different deparment different enrollment

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I'm trying to achieve that during enrollment user will be asked to select department and based on dept he will get different result.

for example

If he will select BYOD only a configuration profiles and some policies will be pushed.
If he select CYCD all configs, profiles and software will be pushed to user device

We don't want to push software to personal device just to don't brake anything.

I have a script that will show up popup to select department:

userDept=$(osascript -e 'tell application "SystemUIServer"
    set myDeptList to {"NewService","BYOD - Personal"}
    set myDept to (choose from list myDeptList)
    end tell')

/usr/local/bin/jamf recon -department "$userDept"

I should be able to add a command to end of script with some delay to send "enrollment complete" command, so when device is added to correct Dept, then it will run again "Enrollment Complete" and check which policies are now applicable with correct Dept.

We use splashbuddy for enrollment, but i wish to use it only if CYCD is used.
Or am i able to have 2 different SB for different departments? If possible might show to admin or users current progress of enrollment even for BYOD

SB is set with "Enrollment Complete" event and scope is CYCD department, but is still pushed when new device is enrolled even without department selected.

Does "Enrollment Complete" event disregard the scope?

maybe somebody else have nicer solution for our need.
Its simple scenario, we don't want to push to personal device software on enrollment, this should be mandatory only for company devices.

i found that Jamf have BYOD and CYCD option but only for mobile devices



I automated our laptop setups using apple DEP prestage enrollments. I created all of the packages that I need for each department. Named the prestaged enrollment after that department. I also used a script that calls policies in the order in which I place them. so i have one package with a script that downloads several packages. I have this scoped to which ever prestage enrollment I want. You will just have to place each machine in whichever prestage enrollment it applies to.