Disable Keychain in iCloud on Mavericks

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Hello all and thanks for taking the time to assist or be assisted from the response to this post. As we are moving toward rolling out Mavericks our security team has informed me that we need to disable the ability of our users to use Keychain in the Cloud feature of iCloud. I would like to be able to still allow our users to enable iCloud and use the other features that go along with it, just to disable the new keychain feature that is available in Mavericks. Has anyone else out there been tasked with this? I know multiple way to disable the use and or access to iCloud in Sys Prefs, but was hoping to keep some of the functionality that is still on the safer side of everyday functions.


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We've been taked with removing iCloud keychain and Back to my Mac services, while leaving all other services intact (so far). We removed the following files:

/System/Library/CoreServices/Keychain Circle Notification.app



and to prevent Back to My Mac: /usr/sbin/awacsd

and have a startup policy in place to remove them, as using the "Install OS X" option within the Recovery partition put those files right back into place. Our release of Mavericks to our customer base has been delayed, but is not coming up soon. Hope this helps.