Disabling Extension Pop-ups

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I'm working in a K-12 environment and we restrict certain apps on student laptops, such as Music, News, Stocks, Messages, Home, TV, etc.

This is being managed through a Configuration Profile, rather than in Restricted Software.

While this works for blocking those apps from launching, we're experiencing pop-ups informing the users that they don't have permissions to run app extensions within these apps when those extensions run on their own.

Examples include: NewsToday2, MailCacheDelete, MusicCacheExtension, TVCacheExtension,MessagesCacheExtension, HomeExtension

Any idea on how to disable these intermittent pop-ups? Devices are 2020 M1 MacBook Airs, running on 13.4.



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In the Restricted Software item, clear the text in the message field and it should not pop anything up to the user. 


On a side note. I cannot stress enough, update your Macs. MacOS 13.4.1, and 13.5.2 patched significant 0-day vulnerabilities.