Disabling Extension Pop-ups

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I'm working in a K-12 environment and we restrict certain apps on student laptops, such as Music, News, Stocks, Messages, Home, TV, etc.

This is being managed through a Configuration Profile, rather than in Restricted Software.

While this works for blocking those apps from launching, we're experiencing pop-ups informing the users that they don't have permissions to run app extensions within these apps when those extensions run on their own.

Examples include: NewsToday2, MailCacheDelete, MusicCacheExtension, TVCacheExtension,MessagesCacheExtension, HomeExtension

Any idea on how to disable these intermittent pop-ups? Devices are 2020 M1 MacBook Airs, running on 13.4.



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In the Restricted Software item, clear the text in the message field and it should not pop anything up to the user. 


On a side note. I cannot stress enough, update your Macs. MacOS 13.4.1, and 13.5.2 patched significant 0-day vulnerabilities.  

We are also having this issue. We experienced this before adding it to Restricted Software, and it's still popping up even though there isn't anything in the "Messages" field. Any advice?

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Same as well here. We do not have any messages on our restricted apps but still getting these extensions are not allowed popups on staff and student devices. We have tried it on both the configuration profile level and restricted software. Same problem either way.

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Any one have an update on this? I am also having this issue

When I went with the Restricted Software method, I was able to get rid of the pop-up messages. Before the Restricted Software kicks in, you need to have the computers run "sudo jamf manage" to get the management framework to be enforced.

Since we had some other restrictions in that Config, I pushed out a copy of the Profile without the software restrictions, then pushed a policy that ran the "sudo jamf manage" command. I excluded any devices that had the new Config from the old Config so there wouldn't be a small period where a device was without the Restrictions, if that makes sense.

Just scoping Restricted Software isn't enough, the devices have to be told to grab that new management.