Display SNs used for an app

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I imported all our SNs to casper licensed software mgmt, and I see there are x amount of systems with teh app installed. I can pull a report of those machines, but I can't see what SN they are using. I tried displaying SN 1 and SN 2, but the fields are blank. Is there a way to get a report listing what machines are using what SN?


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I wish. I put in a feature request when I first tested Casper, after purchasing and every so often I bump them to see if it is going anywhere. I haven't made a jamfnation FR yet though.

I would like the ability to tag licences to machines.
I would like to be able to link licences together in an upgrade path, so you can see full licence path, so if I install a licence I already have a display of the licence I upgraded from; which I'm almost certainly going to have to type in as well. It therefore shows which licences were upgraded and in turn which are still left to upgrade.

I also requested the ability to have the OS as a licence.

A step beyond this, I'd like to be able to tag software/licences to users instead of/as well as machines. We buy certain software for key personnel, not for machines. So the autorun requires a look at who the user is and if we have set software for that user. If we upgrade their mac for a new one, then by setting the username for that new machine to the relevant user, then the software required is already done.

Currently, changing a user to a new machine means manually attaching software to the new machine and removing from the old.

I'm not on the very latest Casper version, so maybe something has been added and I can be happily corrected.