DMG deployment results in corrupt files

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Has anyone else seen this issue?

I created a DMG in Composer containing one file, and pushed that out to 30 machines. The checksum of the file inside the DMG matches the checksum of the original file. However, The resulting file installed on the hard disk of the computers by the jamf binary is corrupt. When I calculate an md5 checksum of the resulting file, it is different to the file inside the DMG on the distribution point(s) or of the original file.

Performing the same procedure using a .pkg instead of a .dmg results in an accurate copy of the file being installed on the hard disk.


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@alanmcseveney, are you sure that the DMG has replicated to all the DP's? If you try for your master does the same thing happen?

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I have had a few cases where a DMG package doesn't work, although that's normally at the package creation phase in composer.

The only other thing I can think of is casper having trouble getting file into the target location. Either odd permissions / locking on the target folder or the same on a file in the way.