Does work with 10.10.3?

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So I need to both create a new user and have that user autologin on first boot (web kiosks and digital signs). I have always used (pre-10.9.4) However I can't seem to make it work post-netinstall to autologin even when run as a FirstBoot install. I am aware of the other ways and work-arounds (kcpassword with sysadminctl tho I can never work the timing out). The repo for list compatibility as "The packages can create users on 10.5-10.9". Anyone actually using The packages can create users on 10.5-10.9 with 10.10.3 and getting it to work?


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We use it to create the admin account (as an additional package for autoDMG for our base 10.10.3 OS) on all our machines. Works fine for that, but we're not setting any auto-login up.

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Seems to work fine for us as well.