Does Jamf Pro offer the possibility to protect individual apps with a password?

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I am looking for a way to password protect individual apps on an Ipad. If the user wants to open the app he must first activate it with a password? Has anyone experience and solved the problem?


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I think ScreenTime is probably your best option, though this doesnt appear to be something you can setup remotely from Jamf Pro yet, so it would need to be done physically on each enrolled device. 

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My suggestions:

  • Reach out to Apple and submit a feedback request asking for this function to be added to Apples MDM Framework.
  • Reach out to the Application Developer(s) in question and ask if their apps have functions like this that can be enabled either from a web console for the app or with a configuration profile from JAMF.

JAMF can only use what Apple provides in the MDM framework. There is not anything like this in the iOS MDM framework that I am aware of. MacOS can do similar to what you are wanting with 3rd party tools, but its not something JAMF doing directly.