Jamf Pro logs to SEIM

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Is it possible to push the Change Management Logs and Jamf Pro Access Logs to a SEIM like SumoLogic? We currently have a ComputerCheckIn webhook event that's set up to send data to SumoLogic but I don't see an option under the Webhook Event types for the two logs I mentioned above.


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if its jamf cloud.. you can pay jamf $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for a dedicated instance.. and this will allow.. 

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@carl00 What @jamf-42 is referring to is called Jamf Premium Cloud (https://resources.jamf.com/documents/products/documentation/jamf-premium-cloud.pdf) and it adds a number of additional capabilities besides log streaming. I don't know if I'd call it "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$," but the list price is currently $20K/year. 

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Considering what device management costs in general, I am not sure if JAMF is "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" either. If an org wants functions like SEIM redirection, they should be ready to pay for it. At my org our JAMF cost is a drop in the bucket compared to our Microsoft cost.