Does JAMF report geo-location via GPS or nearby-WiFi?

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I'm currently traveling around the globe and using VPN to have a static IP address. Is JAMF going to report my location either by detecting nearby WiFis and matching them to a location or by GPS?

I understand that a script can always be pushed to do just that, but I'm asking about the more common default setups.

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@terabyte21 There's no geo-location service built in to Jamf Pro. As you mention you could deploy a script to do that, but the only thing that's collected by default is your Mac's local IP address, and the IP address it's hitting the Internet from which would be the exit point of your VPN provider if you had a VPN connection up.

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I have used this in the past and it does work very well. It does not matter if the user is on VPN or not since it is tracking the user by observing the surrounding SSIDs in the area.