Does Not continue enrollment in "Remote Management"

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Hi Guys. 

I have a MacBook Air (new) and I manually registered in ABM with Apple Configurator. Then, I registered this device in Jamf (I see it in Prestage), but when I restore and reinstall MacOs (ventura), I select Language, region and wi-fi, the "Remote management" appear and I clic to "Continue" but not advanced. 

It shows "configuring profiles" but it never continues.

I have restored and erased Macintosh HD in various occasions and tried personal hostpot and other networks, but these problems continue.


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Try removing from ABM and re-adding it again. I had this occur just the other day.

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I have been experiencing this more often with new Macbooks as well. 


When it stalls on the remote management portion, I could leave it all day and it will not advance. I'd do a hard reset and then it would continue but give the option to create a local user - which we skip in our prestage - and does not create our local admin user we have set in our prestage. 

We'll use Erase All Contents and Settings and go through set up again, which the second time around typically goes by without incident. We've opened tickets with both Apple and Jamf, and really haven't gotten anywhere with those.

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Make sure there are not any network filters or blocks in place. If the device is on a network or if the MDM server is on prem SSL inspections can cause this to happen.