Does the Mac Self Service app get updated when JAMF agent gets updated?

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Ill be upgrading my JSS servers from 9.81 to 9.93 soon. Looking forward to some of the recent bug fixes and features since 9.81. Im a few patches behind.

Once 9.93 is installed on my JSS server(s). I understand that the client-side JAMF Mac agent/binary will automatically get updated to 9.93 at check-in time, but does the exisiting Self Mac application also get updated to 9.93 at check-in time, too? I cant find any mention of this in the JAMF documentation.




It does.

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It does, if you have the checkbox set to have it auto install. If you don't and manually push it to some machines, it doesn't & needs to be manually updated.

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Yep, it will update:
JAMF notification service

It updates the binary and tools during enrollment as well as the check-in trigger. I mention the enrollment in case you are using a 9.81 Quickadd package in your deploy studio still and call a policy to flush the history. Since it updates the binary and apps it skips running that trigger. If your using casper imaging or have updated all Quickadds to 9.93 there isn't a problem.