Edit "Package Contents" of .app either before or after install?

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I'm looking to simplify our installation of our new helpdesk agent, SysAid Agent, on our Macbooks, but that software needs us to manually enter the server information settings after install. There doesn't seem to be a .plist file with the configurations.

I've found that the file storing the setting is an XML file within the app (/Applications/SysAid Helpdesk.app/Contents/MacOS/AgentConfigurationFile.xml)

Is there a way I can either update the .app file within the installer, or the xml file in the .app file after install through Jamf? Or would this need to be done through a pushed script? I'm hoping it's doable one way or another.


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If its distributed as a pkg installer you can use Composer to convert to source, then edit what you need and re-package it. That's assuming there's nothing to complicated in the pkg.

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Did you have any luck deploying the SysAid agent through jamf?  We're looking to deploy SysAid for our ITSM functions, but I shudder at the thought of having to touch every device manually.  How did it go?