Educational School iPads - What is your configuration for iCloud? How many accounts?

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I am curious what everyone's set up is for educational institution owned devices and iCloud accounts?
Do you use multiple device per account? If so how many? Do you assign individual accounts per iPad/device?

We originally had all of ours on one account but then that account became compromised when some devices were stollen last year.

I am currently setting up 10 New iCloud accounts to parse iPads out across them. If something like this were to happen in the future it would be a small swath of devices affected. I just wanted to get everyone's opinions.


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We are 1:1 K-12 and all staff.

For Staff: We just have them use their own Apple ID. They can do what they want.

For Students: They have Managed Apple IDs through Apple School Manager. Managed Apple IDs do have iCloud accounts so each student has their own.

When we did have 'shared' devices: We had AD users made for each device AND a corresponding Google Gmail account and Apple ID. (same name, same password). Everything was in a big spreadsheet. We did NOT give out the password to students or staff. If they wanted anything, they had to put a ticket in. iCloud was used on the device but only if they needed Facetime or such.

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Yeah we only have it enabled for iCloud tracking in case the device is lost or stolen. Other then the other features are turned of or disabled.

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Like lehmanp00, staff set up their own apple IDs, and students get managed Apple IDs through Apple School Manager.

For shared devices, we have started to not use any Apple ID.

Between device assigned apps and Lost mode in JAMF Pro, we have found little reason to add an Apple ID. Files that people want to keep are moved to Google Drive. Generally we don't need a device backup, since there should not be content saved only on that device.

If others have a reason to use an Apple ID on a shared device, I would like to hear what you use it for.