El Capitan and recovery partition clarification

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Hello Everyone,

I have been doing some testing in the past couple of days. I have an older MacBook Pro that was recently imaged using NetBoot and Casper Imaging. It installs the Base OS, 10.11.6, created using AutoDMG. It also installs two local user accounts and that is it and reboots to the local drive.

Working with this computer, I attempted to do a remote wipe from the JSS as an experiment. The computer asked for the passcode and that all worked. When the computer rebooted, I believe it booted to a recovery partition. I found out the OS installer from this recovery partition is Yosemite and not El Capitan.

Doing the remote wipe and reinstall of the OS, is the computer going to use the local recovery partition or attempt an internet boot to Apple's original OS installer?

Sorry, just a little confused about this remote wipe process. Wondering if anyone else has attempted this and what your results might have been.