Email extension attributes

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So I have been looking for a way to have an extension attribute that reads all of the email address inside outlook and in mail. I am new to this and still learning on how to make things work and write code. 


If anyone knows of anything that could even help me out I would appreciate it a ton.


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I don't want to discourage you from what you're trying to achieve (currently trying to think of how you would achieve it myself to be honest) but bear in mind that if you're looking to cycle through each email in the persons email to form the list, how many emails is the user going to have? Thousands? What about subfolders or just stick to inbox?


As extension attribute scripts run during an inventory if this process takes a long time to achieve (I'm imagining quite likely) then this will make each and every inventory update your devices do take a lot longer to complete. 

Just things to bear in mind. You're probably better off having a separate script that does the work you're after, maybe once a day and is triggered by something else (check in etc) but at the end of that script you utilise the API to update the extension attribute field in Jamf. You'd still get your data in there (although not as frequent) but you wouldn't hamper the speed of your inventory updates etc


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@Krummy have to agree with @r0blee here... Extension Attributes are very powerful but maybe, if you can, give us some more info on what you are trying to achieve so that an alternative can be suggested. Email databases can grow very large & Extension Attributes are really meant to store key / values & usually not huge amounts of data.

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So, here is what I need, I just need it to skim the email address that is inside outlook, I do not need to know size or anything, I just need to know what boxes are attached to outlook. So for example. what I am trying to do is to make sure that our @Domain is the only account that is loaded into outlook and not their personal email addresses. I found a couple of things out there, but I am no where skilled enough to tell why they are not working for me.