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Hi Jamf -Can you please update Incremental Upgrade Scenarios for Jamf Pro 10.0.0 or Later ?It was last updated June 25 2022 & Jamf Pro version 10.40.0 was released July 26 2022. Thanks!
A while back I posted very excitedly about an update to the du binary: forgot to post that I actually used it for something... We pushed Druva into produ...
It is an objective fact that the Beach Boys are one of the 5 most overrated bands of all time, however, that discussion will have to wait for another time & place...It is fun when you can still do something slightly interesting with .plist modificati...
I am not a huge Firefox user, but, there are so many things that are great about it & about how it's made that I sometimes get sad it isn't as popular as it used to be especially given the fact that Google & Google Chrome (which are destroying the in...
I've Got The Power An Extension Attribute script for Mac portable battery health: #!/bin/bash #shellcheck disable=SC2207 if ! /usr/sbin/sysctl -n hw.model | /usr/bin/grep -q -i 'book' then echo "no"; exit fi IFS=$'\n' pwrdata=($(/usr/libexec/PlistBud...