Email retention policies

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Has anybody found a way to use Casper Suite to manage email retention policies? Such policies would include, but not be limited to, the amount of email stored on local computer or keeping a user from archiving email that is over x months old.

(My question is asked more for due diligence than any expectation that Casper Suite will provide Windows-like group policies to enforce these policies. I know that I can create an extended attribute to monitor the size of the Outlook identity; I am wondering what other options are reasonably possible.) Thanks.


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We were faced with that need. We opened a ticket with Microsoft, they responded there is no way to disable ON MY COMPUTER (archiving within Outlook). However, since we followed the right process, Microsoft formalized the request and has begin a "business impact" process, including vetting out the request and consideration for a future release (no guarantees but it got their attention).


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Yeah, we would LOVE to disable that On My Computer link in Outlook as well. I once found a way to turn it off in a default configuration, but its trivially easy to go into the prefs and re-enable it, so its pointless.

In general, MS Office on the Mac has almost next to no real enterprise level management controls built in. Different story on Windows (of course)