Emergency lockdown policy for schools - how to send alerts to iPads

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We are currently writing/testing our school lockdown policy in case of intrusion.  Ideally we would like to be able to:

1) silence all iPads remotely

2) be able to send an alert that pops up on the screen very visibly, regardless of lock status

I have tried sending an alert to self service but it pops up as a small banner (easy to miss) if the iPad is unlocked.  However, if the iPad is locked then all it does is tell you "self service has a notification", which you then have to unlock to read.  It is definitely not attention grabbing in an emergency.

I cannot find a third party app that allows us to send these alerts to pupils - lots for windows, none for iPads.

We are 1:1 iPads, staff and students, so this is our best way for alerts. 

How have other schools handled this please?  


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Update: I missed a toggle when setting up the configuration profile for sending self service alerts. That part is now resolved - we can see self service alerts on the screen, even if locked.

I haven't yet found a way to silence all iPads remotely - still a work in progress.


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I respect the task, having children myself. However, I dont think what you are wanting is possible. Apple Classroom has a function where the teachers can mute media, but cannot mute system sounds (alarms, etc.). I'm not familiar with Jamf Schools offerings in this regard.


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