Enable Activation Lock on the device (PreStage Enrollments)

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I am looking at ways to disable find my iphone or centralize it through Jamf. I found the option to prevent user from enabling activation lock in prestage enrollment. When selecting that option it opens another option to enable activation lock on the device. What does this feature do exactly? Does it use jamf to enable activation lock from an admin account? 7c0e1348efcf4fe4bb2ded17e1433e93


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To me that featured seemed be very poorly documented. We enabled the feature, and I later discovered it activates your device to the credentials you used to setup Apple School Manager / Apple Business Manager in your JSS. So if you wipe a device, to re-activate you need to enter the same credentials you used to setup ASM / ABM.

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To add to the above - you can also clear activation lock now with a MDM command. So conceivably you could clear the activation lock if you're need to wipe a device, and then wipe it or of course use the bypass code (though that incredibly long code makes my head hurt anytime I need to use one).

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