Enrolled computer now showing in Jamf Pro

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Hello Community,


I have an issue with one employee's computer so I decided to solve it by deleting her computer from jamf then asking her to enroll again with an invitation link. 

After she installed jamf, her computer seems to have all profiles installed and shows that it is managed by jamf, but in Jamf Pro I cannot find her computer. 

I have asked her to run few commands in her computer terminal like : jamf recon and jamf enroll 

but they are not fixing the issue. 


Any idea?


Thank you, 



sudo jamf removeFramework



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Have her send you the output of jamf recon. The last message includes the JSS ID which you can use to find the computer if it exists. 

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it says: 
There was an error. A valid device signature is required to perform the action


That would indicate that the machine isn't properly enrolled but thinks it is. When you deleted the machine from Jamf, did you also remove the MDM Profile from the machine? If not, you will need to remove the old MDM Profile before re-enrolling the device. I recommend removing the jamf framework as well just so it's a clean install, though it should install over itself if you skip that step.

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yes I have not removed the mdm profile from the machine. 

How can I remove the jamf framework?


sudo jamf removeFramework



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what should I next?

the mdm was removed from the list of profiles

I guess not I should enroll her again with an invitation right?

I would recommend enrolling again using the same method as you normally enroll machines. If you do so by invitation, do that. If you use prestages, you can have the machine enroll via prestage using the profiles command. 

sudo profiles renew -type enrollment