Restricting Applications in a Users Folder

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Hello All,

This original topic ( is over a year old so I am creating a new topic.

We want to block the students from running any applications from their folders.

We created a policy to allow apps to run from the following locations:

We also disallowed the /Users/ folder

As you can guess, we started receiving emails about blocked applications:

SpotifyWebHelper - /Users/yourName/Library/LaunchAgents - Removed plist
Adobe Updater - /Users/yourName/Library/LaunchAgents - Removed plist (This one was tricky because when you run the Updater through Adobe, it will run. But when the Updater is run from the Users Library folder, it is blocked obviously)

Currently, I am attempting to locate "Printer Proxy". A student reported an issue when she tries to print to her home printer, the application "Printer Proxy" is blocked.

If anyone is currently restricting Applications as we are, could you please post some other gotchas or allowed locations? Thanks!


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netsession_mac - Akamai (Adobe Downloader) ~/Applications; can also be found in System Preferences at the bottom

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@jgrubbs, how do you block this? In Configuration profiles or by scripting?