Enrollment process for Macs

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Hi guys. a former colleague told me they have a different process to enroll new Macs.
Once they start the enrollment the computer will change to a blue screen with a title of "Enrolling Computers" and you can't change/lock or do anything while the process is running.
Also in the background, they have a list of applications that are installing.

Does anybody know how to do this? Is that process is considered best practice for enrollment?




When we get new Mac then we start to clear first the hardrive and reinstall the ox s and we start to configure the mac with language, ethernet/wifi after the start our enrollment process automatic. means we create via policy two local account one admin for later to use it and one standard user. After that set we the name of the computer via script and csv file if this done, then we restart the computer and the standard user login automatic and then start the application depnotify which runs all the other policy. when it is done, then delete the system the standard user and depnotify and restart the computer again to the login screen and thats it. i hope my information is not to late and it is helpful for you