Enterprise Proxy Solution for macOS

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What is the recommended enterprise proxy solution for macOS? Does anyone have experience working with Blue Coat on MAC and if so what has been your experience? Interested in hearing about what others in the industry are using.



I wouldn't have thought there was a Mac-specific solution.
We use CyberHound here, brilliant appliance with great caching abilities.
Access Policies are easy to setup and offers full transparent proxy capabilities and SSL inspection.
Ability to quota end-users, great for schools and restricting students downloads and bandwidth utilisation.

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There is no one "silver bullet" product that I know of. I'll be honest, we use Lightspeed, but we are far from happy with it. We are investigating their new Relay product. We also are investigating DNS filtering products such as Securely. Thank you for the heads up on CyberHound...I'm going to pass that on to our network team.

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Thanks guys appreciate the responses.