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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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macOS Vulnerability: httpd

One of the many tasks under my scope is patching of vulnerabilities on macOS systems. Recently every single machine has been flagged for having a vulnerable version of "httpd" to which there doesn't appear to be a path toward remediation aside from u...  View more

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Giving out Securetokens

Hi there I need some help please. I have an Extension attribute and Smart group to show me all users where the SecureToken is Disabled. We have a management account whereby in terminal you can manually give a ST to someone that does not have a ST usi...  View more

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FDA, etc for Crowdstrike Falcon

Hello all,Has anyone been able to successfully configure a policy for FDA, Approved System Extension/Kernel Extensions? We're having a tough time with it, and CS support hasn't been terribly helpful...  View more

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(Lakeside software) Systrack installation from JAMF Pro

Hi, I made a installation of systrack application to mac OS users from Jamf Pro console. At starting, I faced some issues with web socket connection error. Later found the solution to install. Package the systrack.pkg file. Package the lsiagent confi...  View more

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Web content filtering

Hi guys. New on the tool, and I am pretty amazed about it.The thing is that some client it is asking us to monitoring web content that the macOS users browsing.I know that is possible to configurate a profile to create white and blacklists of website...  View more

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Smart Group Lost Mode

Hello everyone, I am accounting for lost/damaged/stolen devices with some extension attributes assigned to the device in inventory. Whilst I know that it's possible to populate a smart group with extension attribute criteria, does anyone know if it's...  View more

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How do you update critical Google Chrome versions?

Hey, I roll out Chrome Updates passively using https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/9923111?hl=en. As this config can not force any updates, I am sometimes required to manually force them in urgent cases. This was the case on Friday with the 88...  View more

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Policy Log Flushing Permissions

I'm looking to give a specific user access to flush specific computer logs on a policy. This is to allow SecOps to re-run policies that are set to once per computer. I set custom permissions as follows: Jamf Pro Server Objects > Policies > ReadJamf P...  View more

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Local (non-AD) account unlock

We have roughly 100 Mac currently and our numbers are growing. We have non-admin local accounts that tend get locked out after either password expiration or number of invalid login attempts. I have tried using the "Local Users and Accounts) within Ja...  View more

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Lock device that hasn't been powered on

Is it possible to lock a device that is currently still in prestage? We had a couple computers stolen over the holiday. One of them was signed into (using their real name lol) and we locked that one, but the other has yet to turn on. We'd like to pre...  View more

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Block ActiveSync for non-Jamf enrolled devices

Hello wondering if anyone has dealt with this ask, or a similar situation before - we have been brainstorming but have not come up with a clean solution as of yet. We want to only allow a device to connect to our on-prem exchange/ActiveSync if it is ...  View more

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BeyondTrust requires administrative credentials

Hello, I'm currently working to get BeyondTrust PAM working, and I am stuck with one thing.Now first of all, everything works until after the PAM installation and configuration I restart the Mac.In short version, as we are testing, he have settings t...  View more

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Completely Blocking OSX Native VNC Service

Hello I have been through numerous articles here but none of them are getting to the nub of my issue; my issue is a seemingly simple one: I want to completely disable the VNC service on my macs: no remote management, no screen sharing...nothing. If I...  View more

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LAPS fails on Catalina 2020 MacBook Pro

We have been using LAPS to reset our local admin password on a daily basis using https://github.com/NU-ITS/LAPSforMacI noticed that now all machines running Catalina fail with the attached error related to permission. Any comments?  View more

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