Enterprise wireless Networks and Shared Devices

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Hi, I work in a University and manage the MDM. We are getting more and more request for 'shared iPads' which I know in theory is fine and the process within Jamf works great. My query to the Nation though regards enterprise networks. We require our users to authenticate to our wireless networks using their staff/student credentials. For shared iPads this means the user remembering to forgot the network at the end of each session...this does not always happen. Does anyone out there have the same problem and can suggest a solution within Jamf that can maybe help with this. Maybe a log out script deployable as a desktop icon or a managed time out to force a log out after a specified time period???? Any advice much appreciated.


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I don't actually use Jamf for our mobile devices, we need Android support as well. We too had this issue.
To solve it we did this ...
Set up a hidden SSID
Set up an account that has access to the SSID, and can access Apple via the internet.
Set up a policy to detect when a device is signed out, then we push the SSID and User settings to the device. It will now connect to the hidden SSID and allow access to network services and keep the device in contact.
When a user signs in, we then push a policy that picks up their credentials and uses them to connect to the visible SSID.

All of this will remove the need for your users to remember to log out of the wifi, and it will keep the devices in contact all the time. You must use a different SSID, because the API does not detect a change of wifi with a simple swap of the user credentials.
As I said I don't use Jamf for this, so in that I can't help, but hopefully this procedure will help.