ERB Testing with iPads

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Hi All,

I have been doing some research on best methods for setting up iPads for ERB testing this spring. The name of the app is "ERB CTP Online." Last year, I touched every device for our Lower School students (since they didn't take them home), and guided Middle School students through each setting for Guided Access (required), which they updated on their own. About one third of our iPads are unsupervised, since they did not qualify for Apple DEP, and I chose to not use Configurator (due to complications with Managed VPP App distribution, etc.).

Is it possible to push a Config. Profile that sets Guided Access control? I see there is a Single-App Mode option, but it requires device Supervision. Also, I am not sure the ERB app will allow just Single-App mode, or if Guided Access HAS to be turned on.

Any experience with this or advice?