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Hi everyone! I've reached my device license count, on both the iOS and macOS side of things. If I understand it correctly, I will still be able to enroll devices and functionality will not change, but when we're due to re up our annual contract, we'll be charged for whatever has exceeded. 

If that's the case, wouldn't it better just to enroll what I need to, and expect to pay for those extra licenses at our contract renewal? Or is it best practice to up our device count? I ask because my school is going through employees like its nobody's business right now. Lots of new hires, lots of employees deciding to switch from a PC to a Mac, and it's hard to fully predict how many licenses I'll need. I'd rather just pay for whatever I've exceeded at re-up.


Thank you!



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@MikaelDez You'd really want to run this by your Jamf Account/Success/Current Title Prefix Manager if you want Jamf's official position. I've _heard_ that true up at renewal is standard, but that was based on the number of excessive licenses being only a percent or two, with the understanding if the excess was significant then it needed to be addressed immediately.

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You will be fine; I went through this same thing last year and only had to pay for the additional licenses above what we were currently paying for at renewal.

Edit to add - what @sdagley is saying is accurate as well.  If you are going to be significantly over your existing purchase count, you may want to follow up with your Jamf rep to see if you need to make a purchase now, or safe for your renewal date.